Social Determinant of Health

social determinant health

Abstract: To review the stresses and effects that data and general experiences of the infodemic and misinformation and disinformation during the pandemic and experiences for children and youth with parents' children and families. Specific to interpretation and navigation of these experiences.

Methods: Research was round table open discussion chat and data was recorded in Qualitative format and themes of discussions.

Findings: The general comments indicated that stress levels were higher with so much information to understand all the time and a look at was accurate or not.

Restlessness were key themes and the general feeling is that it was hard to find a quiet place online without more information being brought forward on some topic.

The experience was described as an information Tsunami and that clarity and trust of information was a concern with all the information on all topics with so much content and opinion.

The general feeling was that families tried to redirected the information or look at short parts of it in validation at times.

Families agreed that there was a great deal of conversations on different topics and that it was a time to validate information and discuss with their children and youth and with themselves more.

Interpretation: That the extra information in all its forms was a great deal for everyone to understand and interpret and that it was a time to be careful and validate information as much as possible and support their children and youth with this process.

Conclusion : That it was just more to learn and to navigate and an extra process of validation that the Pandemic presented with in terms of keeping up with.