Anatomy of a Bully: The Intersection and Vertical of a Bully

 The self-esteem research and development at Embrace Health Foundation has placed a lens on the behaviors exhibited in bullying and consistent themes and characteristics at the intersection of bullying and verticals of bullying presentations. The most prevalent theme is the desire to cause some form of response in the targeted individual or gr...

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Dispelling The Stigma of Bullying!


 Dispelling The Stigma of Bullying! Bullying has reached epidemic levels, and has infiltrated every aspect of the lives of children and youth. It is a topic that nobody wants to discuss. Within the lost dimensions of the stigma around bullying lies the denial and lack of understanding we currently face. Canadians need to dissect the complexity...

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Stresses from Social Media: Effects on Self-esteem


With the latest technology and social platforms, bullying and self-esteem is extended to another dimension; whereby the youth are inextricably concerned with their identity as it becomes intertwined to an existence on an online platform. No longer is it a matter of dealing with physical and verbal stresses but the possibility of sharing information...

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