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Resilience: A Reflection Of Personal Individuality


As we all continue to find our own unique ways of dealing with the challenges we have faced with new routines, social distancing, and home schooling; there has never been a more important time to learn and develop the fine art of self-reflection.

At the pivotal intersections of our lives, we have creative ways to achieve personal growth and wellness from these experiences of self-isolation. Reflecting and expressing through art and music and journals. Write it out, illustrate it! Write a song or poems, talk to people about the the reality of it!. How you have felt and what you think.

What fears have you faced, what obstacles have you leveraged past? With these little focuses you can review and marvel at just how well you have done! Identify questions you may have for others. Communicate your needs and your fears and what is hard to organize or do with your family and supports. Are there additional friends or supports that you can identify with to keep focus and clarify things? What things are you grateful for? Do you see some personal strength now? Trying to refocus and see past a time takes time, but it is key to clarity and re-energizing your focus and perspectives.

Turbulence creates personal growth, and can create positive change. Embrace change in your life and make it a creative focus to develop yourself and adapt!

Self-isolation and social distancing is essential at times and can also mean quiet time to learn, evolve and build personal goals. It is within the essential routines and tasks that you learn structure, routine and some level of time management.

Applaud yourself for doing so well; it is most definitely a unique time in history! Building personal strength and resilience will allow us all to see what is truly essential in life. Paradoxically, society has made such advancements in a time of crises, such as transition adaptation, crisis management and supporting each other in amazing ways. Harnessing the good and restructuring the essential! 

Utilizing the Embrace Health Reflections, you can have more clarity in what you can do better or how you can build more self-awareness in your daily routine. Utilize the Embrace Health Self-Esteem Reflection Tool and recreate personal goals and realizations. Do I tackle the hard work first and take small breaks in between the Math? Have I exercised yet? A bike ride will help get those stats more logical, and yes, all those chapters understood! Keep the routine, but be adaptable and as productive as possible.

What resources can I utilize to keep the momentum going? Write out your reflection into your learning routines. Structure may be harder to keep and a little creativity can make it so much more achievable! A great time to express and bring forth your unique self; your individuality! You are now probably getting to know yourself and see now the true importance of developing your self-esteem and your own unique individuality. 

Social distancing can be a challenge for many children and youth, and developing other ways to connect, and to dialogue quality time and relevant topics that all identify with may be just the most therapeutic thing! The self reflection has already become a new norm in this period of adjustment. In connecting through real understanding and seeing the vulnerability of all, we may better understand empathy, and what this may mean to us all as individuals.

In general, this experience will make us more conscious of ourselves and what we think, say, do, and write. It has already advanced cyber accountability, and the information on platforms and made it more relative and real. The identification and process of self-realization has been so significant with the experience we are facing in this Pandemic. The COVID-19 experience may lead to the the much needed new ideations of cyber safety and the dissemination of misinformation as a way of defacing others. Misinformation and bashing in the cyber world has reached all time lows as society realizes their own vulnerabilities; a very necessary milestone in the development of society. Empathy brought to new levels of human comprehension.  These unprecedented times have brought the strength of vulnerabilities and inequalities to the forefront and made them illustrate the true pathologies in society. The true strength is personal wellness and building resilience of self and others as it ripples to the full sphere of societal wellness.  

The stress and change from this Pandemic has truly brought the need to build resilience and adaptation into everyday life. Embrace the change in the best ways you possibly can to stay positive and develop your resilience! You can do it! It's uniquely you in your routines, focuses, what you realize, and what you can achieve. Self-reflection is like a necessary part of your daily routine. We will all be better for it now and in years to arrive.

The realization of the fear, anxiety, or stress makes it universally acknowledged! This is bound to support society towards more empathy and kindness. Personal strength and resilience is now a high focus, and adapting to building your own individuality and routines that encourage reflection and stress management will support personal, and societal adaptation of this experience. 

Through time, your own true sense of individuality will be more a strength to you as we surge forward through the new realization of some new routines, and new norms that we must learn to adapt to. Building and supporting your self-esteem and true sense of individuality is key to unleashing true resilience for yourself as an individual. How can we do this? Express your self through art, music, writing. Re- define something important to you.

Be thyself; spend time alone. Learn to care for your self. Learn self-acceptance!

You are more in your own entity than a clone of others and their influences. Do not let social distancing make you feel lonely. You must find and build a better perspective about it. Sure, friends are essential; but now is a great time to promote you. Express your individuality in every way you can. Marvel at how awesome you really are as,  you! 

Take an inward look at you! Build time into your new structures that work for you; something you can achieve and value your self care and self compassion. Take a walk in nature. Help someone. Share a positive word on social media. Stop and think. Reflect; this all starts the formative process of understanding your true self and what the strength of your individuality can and will mean to you now, and in years to arrive.

Learning to adapt to the high levels of stress we all have had to face has made society truly evolve in so many ways. Identify what you feel; is it anxiety or stress? Keeping your written journals will help you realize and see your personal situation and progress as you go along. Communicate this to your care circle or family and support systems. Identify that these feelings are truly shared. Seek support as needed. Contact Embrace Health Foundation; we are always here to support.

A greater evolution in human history has evolved; we have stopped and self-reflection and realization has begun. It is within the very grassroots of these practises that we will evolve as individuals, and as society to face the challenges ahead.

Sudden changes in daily routines can really put the fine art of personal strength and awareness on the forefront of focus. Have you been able to adapt and organize your routines to this present day? Have you been able to restructure your school focus time, and do the required time in review and preparation? It may take some time, and it will always evolve into adaptations in your personal time management. Believe in what you have done thus far. Reflect on the great things yourself as an individual has done to adapt thus far.

Embrace Health Foundation continues to focus on the essential self-esteem  research and development data and analysis gathered during this pandemic experience.Advancing self-esteem research and development to support a more resilient and advanced society. Contact Embrace Health Foundation.

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